The Stronghold 2017

The Stronghold 2017 is a debut full-length feature film by director Yuriy Kovalyov.

The book of the same name by Volodymyr Rutkivskyi was adapted into a screenplay by Sashko Dermanskyi and Yaroslav Voitseshek.Costume designer Antonina Belinska said that it had taken her one month to create costume sketches. “We have done painstaking work studying historical sources and consulted both with historians and reenactors quite widely. After that, we added some details to enhance the image and features, and based on all of that we created our characters’ costumes”, added Ms. Belinska.

The film shoot began in November 2015 on the Olexa Dovbush Cliffs in the Carpathians, in Korostyshiv open pit, Teterivskyi Kish (Teteriv Warcamp) ecospace and in Bucha, as well as on the film set with the massive scenery of the Stronghold itself built specially for the production.The filming continued in spring 2016.

It was an acting debut both for Danylo Kamenskyi and Yeva Kosheva starring in the film.

The film’s budget is 40 million hryvnias.

Post-production, СGI and VFX have been done by a Ukrainian studio Postmodern.

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