Samrat Prithviraj 2022

Samrat Prithviraj 2022 n 1192 metallic element in Ghazni, Afghanistan Prithviraj is captured by Muhammad Ghori wherever he forces him to fight against seven lions. An unsighted Prithviraj is in a position to kill all of them however faints because of weakness.

The story then shifts back several years before in Kannauj wherever patrician Sanyogita, Jayachand’s girl is dotty with Prithviraj Chauhan WHO is ruling Ajmer. In Ajmer, Prithviraj is approached by Mir Hossain WHO is the brother of Ghori. Ghori and Hossain were brothers, however, a rift occurred between them as a result of Hossain running with Chitralekha, a dancer in Ghori’s kingdom, as each idolized one another. Prithviraj ensures Hossain that he can facilitate him and takes him into his kingdom. This act angers Ghori and he decides to attack Ajmer if Prithviraj doesn’t send Hossain back to him. Ghori sends Qutb al-Din Aibak to Ajmer. Prithviraj rejects Ghori’s demand. As Aibak warns him, Prithviraj accepts the demand for war. This leads to the primary Battle of Tarain wherever Prithviraj in conjunction with Kaka Kanha, Chand Bardai, and his men square measure able to defeat Ghori’s army, however, Mir Hossain is killed within the battle. Meanwhile, Ghori is captured by Prithviraj, however, once a few days he’s discharged.

Samrat Prithviraj 2022
Samrat Prithviraj 2022

Prithviraj Chauhan is chosen as ruler of Old Delhi. This angers Jayachand. He warns that the implications of this act won’t be sensible. Jayachand decides to prepare a Svayamvara for Sanyogita and Rajasuya Yagya to extend his empire. He additionally sends a request to Prithviraj, asking for fifty percent management on Old Delhi, which Prithviraj rejects. Jayachand decides to form a sculpture of Prithviraj on the threshold of his empire, as he had rejected the invite and as per the rituals if somebody rejects the invite a sculpture will fill the position of that person. because the svayamvara starts, Sanyogita decides to place the varmala on Prithviraj’s sculpture. This angers Jayachand. He decides to penalize his girl, however before long Prithviraj approaches along with his army and takes Sanyogita as she had chosen Prithviraj as her husband. A furious Jayachand decides to attack Prithviraj however is stopped by his advisors. before long Prithviraj and Sanyogita conjoin consistent with the rituals. once a number of days, Jayachand sends his army to attack different forts beneath Prithviraj. before long his army captures Gaudpur Fort. whereas Prithviraj, Sanyogita, Chand Bardai, et al. square measure outside, Kaka Kanha in conjunction with Prithviraj’s army planned to recapture the Gaudpur fort. they’re triple-crown in recapturing the fort, however Kaka Kanha and lots of different men of Chauhan square measure killed within the battle. Prithviraj decides to attack Jayachand, however before long reverses the choice, as Kaka Kanha’s last would like for Prithviraj was to forgive Jayachand. Later, Prithviraj decides to allow the equal position to Sanyogita in his darbar. This call is opposed by different darbar members, however before long Prithviraj manages to urge their approval by telling them about the importance of girls in society.

Jayachand decides to contact Muhammad Ghori through a merchandiser and asks him to capture Prithviraj. In exchange, he can be relinquishing something Ghori desires. Ghori sends Aibak to Old Delhi. Aibak asks Prithviraj to figure beneath Ghori’s rule or he ought to steel himself for another war. Prithviraj accepts the provide of war with Ghori. This leads to the Second Battle of Tarain. because the battle continues, Ghori’s army decreases. Ghori then decides to attack Prithviraj throughout the night once his army is sleeping. Ghori’s army is triple-crown in defeating Prithviraj’s army and captures Prithviraj, taking him back to Ghazni. As Ghori’s army is approaching Old Delhi, Sanyogita and different Rajpoot ladies perform Jauhar (mass suicide by immolation). Ghori refuses to allow Prithviraj to Jayachand, therefore feat him in pain and awe for the loss of Ajmer and his girl.

Delhi is currently dominated by Ghori men. As Ghori captured Prithviraj, Ghori asks his men to get rid of Prithviraj’s eyes, therefore, creating him blind. Prithviraj is forced to fight with lions, however before long defeats them. He then asks Ghori that if anyone desires to attack him he ought to initial decision his name to attack and Chand Bardai ought to be allowed to assist him through his words and poems. before long Prithviraj faints. On a subsequent day, the blind Prithviraj is given seven possibilities to save lots of his life in conjunction with his army. Ghori’s men conclude that Prithviraj is going to be given seven arrows in conjunction with a bow and if he’s able to kill one man out of a gaggle of seven then he is going to be discharged. Prithviraj rejects the provide and asks Ghori that he ought to tend just one likelihood, with one arrow, and Ghori himself ought to return face to face to kill him. Ghori accepts the condition and faces Prithviraj on the parcel. As Ghori is approaching Prithviraj, Chand Bardai recites a literary work to Prithviraj. impressed through the literary work Prithviraj then shoots the associate arrow into the neck of Muhammad Ghori, instantly killing him. Chand Bardai jumps to Prithviraj to hug him, however, each square measure is killed by arrows shot by Ghori’s men. Prithviraj’s men square measure discharged from the jail as per the condition. Prithviraj’s men take the dead bodies of Chauhan and Bardai to perform the ultimate rites.

The film ends with a note informing that Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu ruler of Old Delhi before the Moslem Conquest of Hindustan. As the Republic of India became freelance in 1947, Prithviraj Chauhan’s death was even through freedom.

Samrat Prithviraj 2022

Samrat Prithviraj 2022

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