Mr. KK (2019) Telugu

Mr. KK (2019) Telugu ,The film opens in Kuala Lumpur, with a man named KK (Vikram) escaping from the Petronas Twin Towers, wounded from a shootout, away from two anonymous hit men. They chase him while Nandha (Siddhartha) tries to safeguard him. He is then brought to a shootout point until getting in a vehicle accident which leaves him unconscious and admitted in a hospital.

Meanwhile, Vasu (Abi Hassan), who has just moved on to Malaysia with his pregnant wife Aatirah (Akshara Haasan), works as a doctor in night shift. Vasu is insisted by Aatirah to call her mother and convince her to come there and take care of her. He leaves the night to the hospital, where he notices KK unconscious and one of the hitmen from the shootout trying to kill KK. KK is almost seen to death until he is saved by Vasu. Vasu calls the cops to inform this matter. They take KK’s fingerprints and leave the hospital. Vasu goes home and proudly tells to Aatirah about the heroic act that he performed until being hit by Nandha, who has come to kidnap Aatirah. He insists Vasu to get KK from the hospital to get his wife back.

Meanwhile, we see two teams in the department, one led by Vincent (Vikas) and the other by Kalpana (Lena), who are competitive as Vincent receives most of the big cases, including the recent case about the murder of an industrialist. By examining the fingerprint, Catherine Williams (Cherry), who is from Kalpana’s team, informs her that the injured man is KK, who turns out to be a gangster, gypsy, police, double agent, undercover agent and one who has performed a lot of crimes. He was a smart and vigilant man who was never framed and only suspected, who turns out to be one of the cases unsolved by Vincent, which leads Kalpana to get hold of KK.

By the time, to get his wife back, Vasu brings a conscious KK out of the hospital by struggles as he encounters a police and doctor, which lets him have a gun to threaten KK. KK then tells Nandha to bring Aatirah to a metro station, but as the hitmen from the encounter enter the area, KK and Vasu are unable to meet Nandhu and Aatirah. KK then takes Vasu to his hideout to get his stitches fixed and the plan to exchange Aatirah that night in their place. While KK takes a shower there, Vasu calls Kalpana as she had given her visiting card. She tries to reach there to Vasu’s rescue, while Vasu is point blank by a gun that KK took while bathing. While he organizes his weapons, Vincent and his team enter his room and handcuff him. Soon after, Kalpana enters the scene and tries to reason with Vincent that it is her case and that Vasu is innocent. However Vincent kills Kalpana and reveals that Vincent and his group are double-agents who work a side gig to earn money and use their CIA credentials to destroy all evidence. KK was supposed to be the bait for one of their activities involving a murder. Vincent orders to his fellow corrupt agents to change the crime scene to make it look like Vasu killed Kalpana after calling her and orders the agents to kill them both. KK and Vasu escape and take different paths.

KK reaches the docks to find that his partner Nandha has died in the shootout from the CIA. Vasu, who also reached the docks after KK, teams-up with him to save his wife. KK holds a funeral for Nandha, who is revealed to be his brother, and meets up with various small groups. The next day, there are riots throughout the city and many people are arrested. KK and Vasu uses this opportunity to get into the CIA office to find the incriminatory evidence against Vincent which was located in his private safe. KK and Vasu become separated as Vasu wants to go in search of his wife. Meanwhile, Vincent orders one of his agents to kill Vasu’s wife and make it appear like a suicide. KK finds Vincent’s safe and tries to unlock it but can’t. So he hides when Vincent comes and when Vincent unlocks the safe, he makes him give his USB evidence at gunpoint. At the same time, Vasu finds his wife struggling with the agent assigned to kill her and hits her. The agents working under Kalpana find them and arrest Vasu. KK, having the evidence, tapes it to the phone and slips it to Vasu, thus helping Vasu with incriminating Vincent.

Finally the story ends with Vasu meeting his wife in the hospital. They are blessed with a baby girl. Vincent is with the police as the CCTV footage was against him. In the last scene it is shown that Aathirah is carrying, it is their daughters birthday, the calling bell rings and an anonymous gift is found. Vasu opens it. It was a chain that he had gifted to his wife and it was lost during the incident. Also inside is a message that says “Anbudan (with love), KK”.

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