Dear Comrade (2019) Telugu

The movie begins with Bobby aka Chaitanya Krishnan heavily drunk and angry. Bobby is the student union leader, who has severe anger management issues. He fights for the students with right cause like his grandfather Comrade Suriyam. He meets Lilly aka Aparna Devi who causes him a minor accident and as compensation, Bobby takes away her money to fix his bike. He returns home and gets to know that Lilly was his childhood friend and his neighbour’s daughter Jaya’s cousin who has come to attend her wedding. Lilly teases him about the earlier incident and during a cricket match he discovers that she is a professional cricket player. He gets impressed by her and slowly starts to fall for her.

During the marriage Bobby confesses his love for her. She tells him that he and she has different life and paths to journey and that he’ll probably forget her as soon as she goes and she leaves without bidding goodbye. Afterwards her leaving, Bobby can’t stop thinking about her and goes to the city to meet her and later she falls for him too. Lilly tells him how her brother was a rebel like him but died in a university fight and asks him to stop fighting. Earlier Bobby beats a local politician Bulliah’s brother due to a girl from his college attempts suicide on repeated torture from him to reciprocate his love. Later he fights again and unknowingly causes the accident of Bulliah’s brother who slips into Coma. Bulliah gets angered and tells his men to kill Bobby and Bobby gets seriously injured during the encounter with Bulliah’s men. When he wakes up, Lilly starts yelling at him for his violent tendencies and gives him an ultimatum to control his anger and choose her or leave her. Bobby loses his temper and asks her to go out of the hospital and tells her not to come back.

Bobby realises his mistake and apologises but Lilly asks him not to disturb her and forget her. Due to this he gets depressed and on advise of his grandfather, he travels to find his inner peace and tries to forget her. He joins a group of people who does project on Sound healing. They go to Hyderabad to meet a doctor and while in waiting hall he sees Jaya and her husband. They ask him whether he came to visit Lilly in the hospital. He gets to know that Lilly met with an accident during the day of National Selection and is broken seeing her condition. He sneaks her out of the hospital and takes her on a trip to heal her. She slowly returns to her former cheerful self. He drops her back at her house and meets the doctor who had been treating her. The doctor tells him that she may appear to be happy outside, but she has hidden pain inside. As Bobby leaves to go back home, he gives her his Digital voice recorder to listen to when she feel that she is in pain. Bobby and Lilly are then invited to one of their friends’ marriage where Lilly proposes Bobby to marry her. Bobby denies as he doesn’t want to affect her goals and cricket career.

One day, Bobby spots one of Lilly’s teammate who works in a tailoring shop. She tells him the whole truth after Bobby left. During a tournament, Lilly was named as the “best player” and the presenter of the awards Ramesh Rao lusts for Lilly. He approaches Lilly and compels her to sleep with him to get selected for his team. On knowing this, Lilly’s friend Rubina complained for her and learning about this Ramesh Rao physically assaults Lilly and Rubina in their change-room. Lilly who gets depressed due to the incident meets with an accident. Due to the accident and sexual assault of Ramesh Rao, Lilly was scarred mentally and was pushed to psychological breakdown and depression. On knowing this, Bobby gets furious and beats Ramesh Rao black and blue. He and his friends with Lilly go to the police station to complain Ramesh Rao on sexual harassment case but Lilly denies to lodge a complaint due to fear. Her father also discouraged her when she told him about the incident as he believed it would ruin the family’s reputation. The video footage of Bobby assaulting Ramesh Rao gets viral and news goes to the media which makes it a national issue.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India appoints a four-member committee to investigate the allegations on Ramesh Rao. The police officer in-charge of the investigation who is also a friend of Ramesh Rao coerces Lilly to lie for the safe release of Bobby. So initially Lilly tells that she wasn’t sexually harassed and assaulted by Ramesh Rao. So Bobby lies that he has some personal vengeance against Ramesh and he just only knew Lilly as a neighbour’s cousin which hurts Lilly. Ramesh Rao goes on to insult both Bobby and Lilly in the court and demands an apology from Lilly for false allegations and defaming him. Lilly enraged by his demand for apology and hurt by Bobby’s lie assaults the coach in front of the committee and confesses that he sexually harassed and assaulted her using his position as a selector. When questioned by the media, she says that every woman should have a Comrade who supports her and instils courage in her. Bobby says that Lilly became her true-self by being fearless and speaking out the truth and both of them reunite. During the credits roll, Bobby drops Lilly at National Cricket Academy and gives her a Fist-bump signifying that she is his true comrade.

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