Attack 2022

Attack 2022 - rumansala

25 Nov 2010: Arjun Shergill (John Abraham) is an associate degree Indian officer, World Health Organization embarks on a mission to capture Rehman Gul, a fearful terrorist, World Health Organization attacked the Indian army convoy 2 days past. Tense combat between the troopers and terrorists ensues wherever Arjun manages to arrest Rehman. whereas additionally saving a terrorist, World Health Organization is truly Rehman’s son Hamid Gul.

12 years later: whereas going away to his town at the Mumbai field, Arjun meets associate degree stewardess Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez), and also the 2 fall loving with one another. However, their happiness is brief lived, once the field is attacked by Hamid’s men and a number of {other|and several other} other together with Ayesha is killed. Arjun gets cut within the fight, however, recovers a period of time later and is certainly within the wheelchair with sole movement in his neck.

Attack 2022

Attack 2022 - rumansala

Vadraj Kumar Subramaniam/V. K. Subramaniam (Prakash Raj), World Health Organization is that the Chief of Indian Intelligence and Arjun’s superior officer, proposes the thought of introducing a supersoldier program to the PM, that is operated through AI to save lots of lives in times of war from any fatal accident. The supersoldiers area unit programmed by DRDO human Sabah Qureshi (Rakul Preet Singh), World Health Organization has been modifying the program for seven years and is on the verge of a serious breakthrough.

The PM agrees to the proposal, however, Sabah explains that the program is developed for paralyzed persons. Subramaniam selects Arjun for the program. Arjun reluctantly agrees to the program, as he desires to revenge on Ayesha’s death. whereas looking at the surgical operation, Arjun’s possibilities of survival area unit shown to be stripped, however, manages to survive the onboarding method. Arjun operates himself, beneath the command of the Intelligence Robotic Assistant or I.R.A, but the I.R.A gets restricted because of Arjun’s trauma.

Meanwhile, the govt. receives info that Hamid is procuring chemical weapons in Japanese Europe. consequent day, Sabah arrives at the Parliament to submit Arjun’s attain the Defence Minister, as suggested by Subramaniam. whereas having voice communication with I.R.A, Arjun learns that Hamid is reaching to attack the Parliament and informs Subramaniam, World Health Organization is at the Sansad Marg.

However, Hamid and his fellow terrorists disguised as RAF personnel, thwart all security and hijack the Parliament, capturing the Parliament Ministry and alternative Union ministers, together with the PM and Sabah. Arjun leaves for the Parliament, in conjunction with NSG commandos, however, Hamid communicates with the govt., World Health Organization demands that the NSG ought to retreat from the Parliament, in exchange for the discharge of fifty hostages.

Subramaniam insists on the house Minister Digvijay Saab (Rajit Kapur) (who is appointed because the Caretaker Prime Minister) et al to perform a partial extraction and sends Arjun to supply info concerning the incidents within the Parliament. Arjun sneaks into the Parliament with I.R.A’s facilitate and kills 4-5 guards wherever he barges into the room and provides a live feed to Subramaniam. Hamid demands the discharge of Rehman. Sabah gets caught by the terrorist Hussain, whereas seeking to facilitate from Arjun, however, Arjun rescues her by killing Hussain and alternative terrorists wherever the 2 escape, therefore creating Hamid believe that somebody else has arrived and orders to search him.

Arjun reveals himself to Hamid via a walkie-talking picture wherever Hamid forces Digvijay, Subramaniam et al to force Arjun to surrender. Subramaniam tells Arjun to surrender, and he decides to try to, so he will kill Hamid and save the hostages. Arjun surrenders and is taken to Hamid wherever one in all Hamid’s men knocks on Arjun’s neck, which ends up in malfunction in I.R.A. Hamid demands an associate degree safe passage to escape in associate degree airline, that leaves to South American nation and releases the hostages, however, activates an organophosphate nerve agent chemical bomb to explode within the Parliament.

Rehman is free from jail and is taken to the field. Meanwhile, Sabah retrieves her bag, which contains her portable computer, and begins the boot of I.R.A. With I.R.A rebooted, Arjun attacks and kills all the terrorists. Arjun tells Subramaniam regarding the bomb and raises to intercept Hamid, however, Hamid had already fled by mistreatment associate degree previous tunnel within the Parliament associate degree leaves for the field in a car. Arjun tells Sabah to retreat with the hostages and chases once Hamid wherever he reaches the field and manages to crash the flight.

Arjun kills Hamid and deactivates the bomb. Sabah rescues the hostages and Rehman is killed by the NSG Commandos by throwing him out of the flight in mid-air. Arjun is appreciated by Subramaniam and also the ministers, their associate degree leaves the parliament in a car. Later, Arjun is appointed for one more mission, therefore hinting at the sequel Attack: half two

Attack 2022

Attack 2022
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